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As the Pineapple Express sends a jet stream of moisture into Northern California, we here in Southern California prepare for the effects as the sub tropical jet stream breaks down and begins to send storms into Southern California. Forecasts are currently calling for upwards of 7 inches of snow to fall on Mountain High by Friday night that combined with Monday's snowfall, and a little extra help from mother nature, could see us re-opening as soon as this weekend. While the 7 Inches forecasted for Friday will help significantly, it will not be enough to re-open unless the storm were to grow significantly in the coming day. We have seen similar storms in the past loose their legs over Mountain High and dump upwards of 2-3 feet of snow, so fingers crossed. Past decaying El Niño events have lead to very active late winter and spring periods in California, and hopefully that’s where this year is headed. Click Here for more.

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