Why haven't I received my season pass in the mail?

  • If you paid for shipping, your pass will be mailed to you as soon as it is processed. If you did not pay for shipping, your season pass is waiting for you at the Season Pass window on your first visit. Please allow 30+ minutes to redeem your pass early season.

What is a Buddy Ticket? How do I get it and how many times can I use it?

  • A Buddy Ticket is a free lift ticket for a friend of a season pass holder and can be redeemed only ONCE per season pass. That means one lift ticket for ONE day for a friend. E

How do I redeem my Buddy Ticket?

  • If you purchased your season pass prior to 9/7/20 you are entitled to a FREE Buddy Ticket worth $109. To redeem your ticket, please bring your season pass and your friend to the Season Pass window and we will issue them their ticket.

Why does the advertised price say $399 (for example) but the actual price is $409.

  • A $10 Processing Fee is applied to all new pass purchases. Renewals do not pay the $10 Processing Fee.

I can’t purchase a season pass because I can’t upload a photo. What should I do?

  • Please make sure the photo is a .jpg file. If you took the photo with an iphone, it could be a .heic file, in which case, you must convert it. Here is a free conversion website - https://heictojpg.com/
  • Also, the photo must be in color and it must be under 20kb

Is a 2019/2020 season pass still valid until the end of the calendar year?

  • No, 2019/2020 season passes expired at the end of the 19/20 Season. You must have a 2020/2021 season pass to access the mountain.

Can I still buy a parking pass if I didn’t purchase it with my season pass?

  • Yes, please call us at (888) 754-7878 ext 2 or season_pass@mthigh.com to order your $99 Seasonal Parking pass today. Parking Passes can also be purchased at the Season Pass window. If you have to pay for parking on that day, save your receipt, as it can be used for credit towards the $99.

How do I redeem my $50 resort credit?

  • Your $50 Resort Credit is included in your Season Pass Packet, whether it is mailed or redeemed at the Season Pass Window.