Snow bikes must come from a manufacture and be solely designed for sliding down snow-covered surfaces. A Snow Bike is defined as a manufactured apparatus that has two skis, a seat, pegs for foot placement. NO HOMEMADE BIKES.

How to ride a Snow Bike at Mountain High

  • All Snow bikes must be inspected by Ski Patrol prior to use at Mountain High.
  • Snow bikes must have a leash and a lift restraint device.
  • Snow bike riders must be proficient in loading & unloading and must not interfere with normal operations.
  • Snow bikes must wait in line just like traditional skiers & snowboarders.
  • Snow Bikes are only allowed on the Blue Ridge Express at the West Resort and the Mountain High Express at the East Resort. Only one bike and passenger per chair, please.
  • Snow Bikes are allowed on the moving carpets.
  • A leash must be attached to the rider at all times.
  • Bikes must be loaded level and the restraint bar must come down and clear the handle bars.
  • A restraint device that is shorter than the leash.
  • A restraint device must be used on the restraining bar
  • Prepare to unload by unclipping restraint device from Bar, raise the bar, and exit down the ramp.
  • All restraining devices and leashes shall be inspected for integrity.
  • An operator can stop loading a ski bike at any time if they feel the patron is not meeting our safety guidelines.