This season we added five new features to our new, all-natural terrain park, Woodworth Gulch.  These include a 15’ log wall, an A-Frame, a new pole jam, and a new banister on the Woodworth cabin.  Woodworth Gulch caters to intermediate rides & above, and can be found near the bottom of the West Resort.  And what new park wouldn’t be complete without a specialized park cat?  To keep the mountain looking its best, Mountain High purchased a state-of-the-art Bison X park cat from Prinoth.  The maneuverability of its front blade lets the park builder push, carry, and place snow wherever they need.  And the center cab guarantees optimal visibility and support, even when building in extreme mountain conditions.  With accessories such as the highly efficient PRINOTH® Power Tiller, Posiflex Tiller and the tried and true 12-way clearing blade, the Bison X provides the best ski slope conditions and enormous thrust, even when pushing large masses of snow.

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