Before resorts began building monolithic parks with features that resembled staircases and skyscrapers, skiers and snowboarders used the natural terrain to get creative.  Constructed for the 13/14 season Mountain High took it back to its roots with its first “All Natural” terrain park called Woodworth Gulch.  Keeping true to the soul of winter sports, The Gulch is filled top to bottom with features made entirely from natural elements including rainbow rails, flat down logs, tree bonks, wall rides, and more. Partnering with Mountain High Team Rider Ryan Paul, the park set up is rider inspired and sure to create fun and memorable runs. Woodworth Gulch caters to most abilities levels and can be found near the bottom of the West Resort.  New snowmaking has also been added to ensure this park is open the majority of the season.  Probably the only unnatural thing about it. 

And what park wouldn’t be complete without a specialized park cat?  To keep the mountain looking its best, Mountain High purchased a state-of-the-art Park Bully 400 snow cat from Kassbohrer.  The extreme range of motion of its front blade lets the park builder push, carry, and place snow wherever needed.  And, with 370 horsepower, it has more than enough guts to accomplish any task quickly and efficiently.  The Park Bully 400 is known for laying down seamless tracks and, because it uses less fuel, it is friendly to the environment as well.

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