Cold, dry weather made for perfect snowmaking conditions this morning so Mountain High fired up its new snowmaking equipment for a test. More than $300,000 was invested in snowmaking equipment over the summer, primarily at East, meaning the Wrightwood resort can make snow quicker than ever before.  The launch also provided a good test of the system's computer stations, weather monitors, and staffing. All passed with flying colors and Mountain High is ready to open any time after November 1st.

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Said Daniel Peckham. Snowmaking Manager, "We had a very successful test of our new equipment. We are ready to begin seasonal snowmaking as soon as we get a long-enough weather window."  

Ever wonder how snow is made? Or what machine-made snow is really made of? Get answers to these and many more questions in this 1-minute video.

Here's an important fact: Snow made at the resort is real snow. There's nothing artificial about it. Snow crystals, however they are produced, are simply minute crystals of frozen water.

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