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Mountain High is where Southern California learns to ski & snowboard.  Many of our guests have such a great time they come back to take lessons year after year.  Let us know about your best learning experience at Mountain High, whether recently or as a child, and you may be chosen to be on the radio!  All radio participants win a 16/17 Season Pass with access to 16 other premiere winter resorts.  Click here to learn more about season passes.

Tell us about your fears, your conquests, the excitement of finally being able to keep up with your friends.  Or leave them in the dust.  How did your instructor help you overcome your fears and how did you feel about yourself when you did.  Let us know why you would recommend Mountain High to those learning to ski or snowboard and you may be chosen to tell your story on the air.

Hurry, contest ends Friday, September 30th.  Season Pass valid during the 16/17 season only.  If you already own a season pass, your new pass may be transferred to the 17/18 season or gifted to a friend.

Winter is coming and we look forward to seeing you soon at Mountain High, Southern California's closest winter resort.  Remember to tag your lesson photos #HIGHERLEARNING

This promotion has ended.

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