The March Radness Rail Jam went down Saturday, March 18th, in the Playground, Mountain High's base area jib park.  Riders faced off in a head-to-head game of Y E T I (similar to a game of HORSE in basketball) with Dillon McDaniels from Palmdale, CA, taking home the big check.  

In Y E T I, riders are paired up randomly.  The rider with priority calls both the feature and the trick. If they make the trick, the next rider must land that same trick or get a "letter". Get 4 "letters" and you are out. If both riders make the same trick the rider with priority chooses again. If the rider with priority doesn't make the trick, he loses priority and the opposing rider chooses. Once the word Y E T I is spelled, the game is over and the winner moves on to the next round.

After battling multiple rounds Dillion McDaniels and Brandon Schroeder faced off themselves in the final heat, stomping trick for trick. In the end Dillion walked away with $500 in cash and prizes.

A big shout out to all the riders and vendors for coming out and supporting snowboarding. See you next March for the 2nd Annual March Radness Rail Jam.

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