The HIGH PROJECT Pro Park on Pipeline opens to the public 1/16. Come ride the best park we've had all season.

THE HIGH PROJECT is a top-secret creative park build and photoshoot. Like seeing a huge band in a small club, 50 pro snowboarders descended on So Cal to show off their skills. The shoot was a collaboration between Snowboy Productions’ Krush Kulesza and Mountain High’s own Jesse Paul. The concept was to build a skateboard-influenced transition park, showcase pro riders on it, then open it to the public. After months of brainstorming and a week of grueling snow work, THE HIGH PROJECT became a reality.

Besides the non-linear, one of a kind course, the High Project stands out in two major ways. First, it adopted a “Flash mob” rollout. The site was kept secret from the public until the first day it was privately opened to the pros after which, a 4-day flood of social media content dominated snowboarding feeds across the globe. Second, THE HIGH PROJECT gives back by opening the remarkable setup to everyone. It’s a park setup unlike any Mountain High has ever seen, but you don’t have to take it from us. Come ride THE HIGH PROJECT and see for yourself.

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