Mountain High's Sky High Disc Golf Course is now open weekends from 9am-4pm. Play a round of 27 holes at the highest course in Southern California. A full outing takes you on a 2.5 mile hike through the historic Angeles National forest where players are apt to see hawks, deer, coyotes and more. We offer disc golfing accessories including everything a beginner needs to get started, plus drinks and snacks to satisfy the whole family.


  • $17.00 Full round of 27 holes
  • $65.00 Anytime Season Pass (no restrictions)

When finished, join us at the North Lodge Grill & Pub for our famous tacos! Get a Taco Plate for $10 (2 tacos Rice and Beans) Chicken or fish. (Add $1 per taco for Shredded Beef, Shrimp or Salmon.) 

Ala carte

  • Chicken $4
  • Fish $4
  • Shredded Beef $5
  • Shrimp $5
  • Salmon $5



You'll find the entrance road directly across from the base of West. Click here for directions.

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