Massachusetts-based HKD Snowmakers awarded a high-efficiency snowmaking grant to Mountain High. The ski area will receive five high-efficiency snowmaking guns from HKD Snowmakers, a total value of $23,000. Mountain High will use this grant to help continue its efforts to reduce diesel fuel and electricity consumption associated with snowmaking. Low-energy snowmaking equipment will decrease the ski area’s compressed air consumption, save power, and reduce the ski area’s carbon footprint. Mountain High estimates that the new HKD equipment will help the resort save $4,000 per acre-foot of snow. “We at HKD are excited to support the team at Mountain High in meeting their goal to reduce energy consumption through the use of our energy-efficient snowmaking equipment,” said Charles Santry, president of HKD Snowmakers. HKD is a founding sponsor of the grant program and has provided 14 snowmaking grants over the past nine years. 


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