Ironically the skiing is finally fantastic when most families decide to stow their gear and haul their kids to the baseball field.

March is the best month for family skiing. Let me count the ways:

1. Temperatures are far more enjoyable than frigid January.
2. Trail counts are up with a season’s stockpile of snow.
3. Longer, brighter, sunnier days on the slopes beat the flat light of December.
4. You can wear sunscreen instead of facemasks.
5. No more pockets full of hand warmers and pricey hot cocoa breaks required for the kids.
6. Sunglasses take the place of face-hiding goggles.
7. Burgers served out on the deck taste better than those in crowded lodges.
8. Silly events like Pond Skimming and Retro Ski Day are fun for the whole family.
9. Its easier for new participants to learn when they are not batteling the elements.
10. There is plenty of time for baseball practice, bicycling, and lawn chores later.

Click here for a complete snow and weather forecast then plan your next trip to the mountain.

By John McColly

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