There is only one place to purchase Mountain High lift tickets...and that's from Mountain High. 

Here's what happens when you purchase tickets from Craiglist, Instagram, etc

You contact the bad guy and tell them what they want. This requires your personal information such as name, birth date, e-mail, etc. The bad guy then makes an order with a fraudulent credit card and sends you the confirmation email.

The problem is the email isn't accepted at Mountain High so you are out $50-$300. 

Some would say "You have to learn the hard way" but, because we love you, we figure we'd state the obvious. This is a SCAM! Do not give them your money. And do not yell at the ticket sellers when you do...although we are always happy to commiserate. We are beyond mad this is happening and hope you don't fall into their trap.

Be safe, have fun, see you on the mountain.



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