While Santa was busy trimming trees and filling stockings, park staff was busy filling the park with dozens of new features for you to unwrap Christmas morning.  Every single feature on the mountain has been replaced with the exception of several snow features.  Here's a glimse of what you can expect today.


  • Down Flat Down Rail
  • Wall Ride
  • ThirtyTwo Down Bar Skate-Style
  • ThirtyTwo Flat Bar Skate-Style
  • Corrugated Spine
  • Quarterpipe Bonk 

Upper Chisolm

  • A Frame Rail
  • Jump
  • GatewayBox
  • Double Barrel Rail
  • C Box  

Lower Chisolm

  • Stair Set Kinked Rail
  • Jump box to flat down box
  • Round Flat-Down Rail
  • Rainbow Rail
  • Large jump with smaller jump connected
  • Bazooka Pole Jam
  • Corrugated tube


  • Skate style box
  • Skate style rail
  • Flat box
  • Flat rail
  • Roller box
  • Spongebob Rail


  • Cheese wedge jump
  • Table jump
  • 2 13ft angled boxes
  • 2x2 bar
  • 2 Small jumps
  • Down Flat round bar
  • Flat Bar
  • A-Frame Box


  • 2x20 Box
  • Elbow Rails
  • Giant Spool


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