2021/22 Departments, Positions, & Age Requirements


**This is NOT intended to be a full job description and all positions have other duties as assigned** 

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  • Ticket Auditors:  18+
    • Audits Ticket and Season Pass Sales
  • Resort Auditors:  18+
    • Audits Cash Sales from all profit centers

Food & Beverage – (All positions require LA County Food Handler’s Card)

  • Bartenders:  21+
    • Serves guests alcohol and food items at various venues
  • BBQ Staff:  16+
    • Cooks food items on BBQ and serves guests at various venues
  • Cashiers:  18+
    • Handles cash/credit card sales at various venues
  • Cooks:  18+
    • Cooks food items at various venues
  • Line Preps:  16+
    • Prepares various food items for purchase and serves guests in cafeteria-style setting
  • Servers:  18+
    • Serves guests food and drink items in various venues
  • Utility/Stockers:  16+
    • Keeps shelves stocked, areas clean and misc. dept tasks as needed
  • Utility/Drivers:  18+
    • Keeps shelves stocked, areas clean and misc. dept tasks PLUS transports products between venues. 
    • Must have valid CA Drivers License and clean DMV Record
  • Venue Supervisor:  18+
    • Oversees daily operations of a specific venue.
  • Warehouse Supervisor:  18+
    • Receives product, maintains inventory, and oversees utility crew


  • Groomers/non-operators:  18+
    • Shovels snow in hard to reach areas and supports Snow CAT operators on-hill
  • Snow Cat Operators:  21+
    • Packs and grooms snow to improve skiing/snowboarding trail conditions
  • Heavy Equipment Operators:  21+
    • Provides Snow removal in parking lots and maintenance of on-hill trails when snow is not present

Guest Services

  • Hosts:  18+
    • Answers questions and directs guests to proper resort areas
  • Call Center Operators:  18+
    • Answers incoming calls and directs guests to proper resort areas

Guest Transportation

  • Bus Drivers:  21+
    • Transports guests between East and West Resorts
    • Requires CA -Class A license with passenger endorsement & air brakes and clean DMV record

Human Resources

  • Employee Hosts:  18+
    • Aids employees with hiring process, issues uniforms, and other employee needs

Information Tech

  • IT Assistant:  18+
    • Computer support resort-wide


  • Janitors:  16+
    • Keeps venues and public areas clean and in good condition for our guests

Lift Maintenance

  • Lift Mechanic:  21+
    • Repairs and maintains safe operation of all lifts and related equipment.

Lift Operations

  • Lift Operators:  18+
    • Responsible for safe and efficient operation of mountain chair lift and loading/unloading of skiers/snowboarders


  • Snow Reporter:  18+
    • Updates phones, website, social, etc with daily snow, weather, and road conditions.

Mountain Operations

  • Electrician:  18+
    • Electrical support and repairs resort-wide
  • Welder:  18+
    • Repairs and welding needs resort-wide


  • Parking Attendants:  18+
    • Directs guests to proper parking areas and maintain parking lots

Patrol (Must have intermediate/advanced ski/boarding experience)

  • Mountain Safety Staff :  18+
    • On-hill support staff that aid patrollers in maintaining safe conditions for guests (non-medical)
  • Base Patrollers:  18+ (must have proper certification)
    • Medical support staff to aid guests with injuries – no ski/snowboard experience required
  • On-Hill Patroller:  18+ (must have proper certification & advanced ski/snowboard experience)
    • On-hill medical support staff to aid guests with injuries and get them to base for further evaluation


  • Payroll Assistants:  18+
    • Inputs information for proper timekeeping and aids in processing of bi-weekly paychecks


  • Boot Techs:  16+
    • Provides guests with rental boots
  • Board/Ski Rental Techs:  18+
    • Provides guests with rental equipment
  • Repair/Tuning Techs:  18+
    • Repairs resort and guest equipment

Resort Safety

  • Resort Safety Staff:  21+ (Must have valid CA driver’s license & clean DMV record)
    • Oversees guests safety in base facilities and crowd control


  • Cashiers:  18+
    • Handles cash/credit card sales, provides customer service and stocks shelves


  • Snowmakers:  18+
    • Maintains mountain snow levels by producing snow using special equipment 
  • General Operators:  18+
    • Monitors/maintains generators and air compressors for snowmaking

Terrain Park

  • Terrain Park Staff:  18+
    • Maintains on-hill features and promotes safety awareness to guests and technique of using features
  • Terrain Park Builders/Welders:  18+
    • Responsible for construction, maintenance, and repair of all on-hill features


  • Cashiers:  18+
    • Handles cash/credit card sales for tickets, season passes, rental equipment, and lessons

Winter Sports School/Children’s Sports Center (Must have ski and/or snowboard experience)

  • Junior Instructors:  16+
    • Assists instructors with teaching ski/snowboard lessons
  • Entry Level Instructors:  18+ (We will teach you to teach others)
  • Certified Instructors (Levels I-III):  18+
    • Provides safe and fun instruction of ski/snowboard techniques to groups and individuals
  • Room Monitors: 18+
    • Oversees the care and feeding of children in various lesson programs


  • Tubing Attendants:  16+
    • Responsible for safe and efficient loading/unloading of snow tube riders
  • Snowplay Attendants:  16+
    • Oversee guests playing safely on the snow and verifying tickets for entry into play area
  • Mascots:  18+
    • Play the role of company characters in costume