Helpful Hints For A Successful Private Lesson

  • Discounted private lessons are available weekdays (non-holiday) at 9:00am.
  • Private lessons work best with similar ability levels.
  • When taking a private with someone else, such as an adult with a child, most of the lesson is taught to the lower level student.
  • Children’s First Time private lessons are more productive with only one student.
  • Feel free to request a specific aspect you want to improve in your lesson.
  • Request a specific instructor.  This is often the case with Children’s Sport Center instructors.
  • Instructors are based on your ability level and needs.
  • A lift ticket is needed to participate in a private lesson.


If you have reserved a lesson on a weekend or holiday (December 23rd – January 7th, January 13th - 15t, Feb 18th - 20th) please consider arriving no later than 8am to have a better chance of parking at the West Resort and avoid taking a shuttle from the East Resort.

Lesson Meet Beneath The Bullwheel Grill At The West Resort


Base Area Map

base area map