Sat Apr 20 - Sun Apr 21 - 8am-4pm

Don't miss Spring-A-Ma-Jig, our annual Spring Break Celebration with games & activities for both kids & adults. All events are free with paid admission. Daily activities include:

  • DJs
  • Drink Specials 
  • Special appearances by the Yeti
Time Event Prize
10am Big Ollie Mountain High Prize Pack
Snowboarders must Ollie over an ever-rising bar.  How HIGH can you get?
11am Snowball Toss Mountain High Prize Pack
This one is for the kids.  Snowball-themed water balloons are tossed back and forth until they break.  Hopefully not yours!
12pm Tug Of War Mountain High Prize Pack
A new spin on an old favorite. This tug of war takes place in the snow and the losing team might end up in the pond.
1pm Frozen T-Shirt Contest  Mountain High Prize Pack
Ten (10) T-shirts have been frozen in the icy tundra of Mountain High’s North Resort. Competitors must break them apart and put them on (over their clothes). The first contestant to put on their frozen shirt wins a goody bag filled with Mountain High swag.
2pm Pond Skimming N/A
Pond Skimming is the quintessential event of any spring break. Skiers and snowboarders must cross a 60-foot pond filled with freezing cold water or suffer the consequences. Helmets Required!

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Todd Proffit

West Resort