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Born and raised in the heart of country, in a small town USA population 2,500 Jarett James began his stardom to singing and songwriting at his local home town church. While playing and singing on Sundays opened his eyes, a whole new world of singing and song writing began. What started Jarett toward his song writing was his love for growing up on the family farm, open spaces, freedom, hard work and that hunting and fishing on the weekends. Jarett also uses his voice for more than just singing, at a young age he always had a dream of becoming a world class Auctioneer as well as a singer songwriter. So it be! If he's not performing on stage with his guitar he's on stage talking fast and selling to the highest bidders. Jarett James likes to get down and dirty, his life is exciting, unique and simple "he quotes", just like an original song he performs and sings...Simple Man! (I was born and raised how to work with these two hands, my mommy and my daddy taught me do the best you can, never just sit back and hold out your hands, dear Lord I thank you, I'm a Simple Man). 

Country music has always played a big roll in Jarett James life, day in and day out.

Jarett James has his own crazy style to country music from that get up and dance and look at the stars style of country, to that fishin' wishin' and kissin'. He always quotes (if you wanna be different and stand out, be yourself! Cause we're all just one of a kind).

2PM-5PM @ Foggy Goggle