Let's Get Started...

Learning to ski or snowboard is different than anything you've done before... but it's also the best thing in the world, once you get past the first few days.

On Day 1 you will learn the basics - getting fitted for your equipment, making your way over the beginner area, and meeting your ski or snowboard coach.  Next you will learn how to stop and turn both ways. Keep in mind, everyone progresses at a different pace so, as long as you are having fun, you are having a successful first day.

What Will I Learn In My First Ski Lesson?

  • Learn to stop
  • Learn to walk and slide on your skis 
  • Learn to go down the hill in control and safely
  • Learn how to get up if you fall
  • Learn to ride the moving carpet
  • Learn how fun skiing can be

What Will I Learn In My First Snowboard Lesson?

  • Learn to skate on your snowboard with one foot to get around on the hill and in lift lines 
  • Learn to use the edge of the board to go down the hill safely, while maintaining speed control, and stopping on command
  • Learn to go left and right across the hill
  • Learn how to get up if you fall 
  • Learn to ride the moving carpet and/or chairlift
  • Learn how to have FUN!

What Will I Learn On Day 2

Complete all three lessons and receive a FREE season pass valid for the remainder of the season ($799 value).  Lessons may be completed any three days of the season.  Lessons and lift ticket must be redeemed during the same season.


Regularly $129 per Beginner Package, you save a total of $138 when you learn to ski or snowboard using 123 FREE.