The lore of Bear Valley, deeply rooted in California's heartland, takes on a renewed vigor today. In a significant move, Bear Valley announces its esteemed integration with the California Mountain Resorts Company, not just as an addition but as a shining beacon in its revered collection.

Tracing its origins to 1967, Bear Valley, once the sought-after getaway for Hollywood's luminaries like Clint Eastwood and William Shatner, stands as a testament to impeccable terrains and the Sierra's deep snow cover. Over the years, it has transformed, welcoming diverse guests with its immaculate powder and unwavering focus on winter excellence.

Restoring Bear Valley to its laudable past is a monumental endeavor. Recognizing the dedication, hard work, and synergy needed to meet the elevated standards anticipated by our steadfast skiers, riders, and pass holders, our mission banks on the collective prowess of our team. Central to this mission are Bear Valley stalwarts like Tim Schimke, General Manager, whose familial bonds with the mountain, combined with the forward-thinking leadership of others, form our operational cornerstone.

In the words of Tim Cohee, President of California Mountain Resorts Company: "Bear Valley represents more than a destination; it's a tapestry of historical mountain escapades and time-honored traditions. The journey ahead is riddled with challenges, but I am optimistic. With the dedication of our team and Tim Schimke's unparalleled leadership, we are poised to meet and surpass these challenges. Our goal remains steadfast: to revive and amplify the Bear Valley legacy for one and all."

Echoing these sentiments, John McColly, VP of Sales & Marketing for California Mountain Resorts Company, remarked, "Today heralds a transformative era. The Bear's triumphant return resonates with our overarching vision. Bear Valley, embodying the quintessential California outdoor spirit, invites everyone to 'Come Home.' As it takes its place in our portfolio, from the Grizzly Bowl to Snow Valley, each slope and lift mirrors our steadfast devotion to genuine skiing and riding experiences. Our gaze isn't fixed on yesteryears; we are carving the future of California Mountain Resort adventures."

In this journey of resurgence, California Mountain Resorts Company, alongside stalwarts like Dodge Ridge, China Peak, and Mountain High, doubles down on its commitment to the legacy of Bear Valley and its devoted community.

Owned by Invision Capital, a private equity firm from Chicago, the California Mountain Resorts Company proudly features four resorts from south to north across a 400-mile expanse of the Sierra and San Gabriel Mountains. This positions Invision as only the second entity to boast ownership of four or more skiing domains in California.

A Treat for Ski Enthusiasts: Holders of the Cali Pass (the multi-resort offering of CMRC) can now revel in unlimited access to the legendary Bear Valley. This prized pass promises unparalleled entry to four stellar Californian resorts, including Bear Valley, Dodge Ridge, China Peak, and Mountain High, with additional access to 19 global premium destinations. Moreover, the Cali Pass comes with substantial discounts on diverse offerings ranging from food and retail to mountain biking, lessons, and accommodation. In light of this integration, the Cali Pass is now available at a discounted rate until Sunday, November 10, with potential savings of $200 off the adult price, for more, visit

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