Become An Instructor

"I've never really thought of it before. What does it take to be an instructor?"

Contrary to what you may have thought, you don't have to be an ex-Olympian to be an effective teacher. In fact, an enthusiastic personality and a passion for skiing and riding is our most critical prerequisite! Sure, skiing and riding skill is required, but at minimum, intermediate ability. The majority of our students are first-timers, and we will teach you how to teach them. If asked, most of our "master teachers" would never have considered themselves worthy at first. The key is in conveying your love of the sport in a safe, informative and nurturing manner.

The best teachers in the world are great learners first...that is where we come in. Our staff trainers are world class, yet they started right where you are now. They will guide you through the technical teaching skills to make you a successful teacher, and along the way you will, as a partner in learning, grow your own personal skills beyond recognition! Many of our "rookies" finish the season having achieved their Level 1 PSIA or AASI certification! The breakthrough you are seeking in your abilities may just lie in the teaching of others!  Please contact the Winter Sports School to set up an appointment.

Criteria for Evaluation

The Ski and Snowboard Instructor is evaluated on performance of duties, teaching ability, communication skills, level of guest service, attitude, attendance and punctuality, attire and appearance, initiative, guest feedback, student return rate, hours worked, skiing/riding ability and measurable improvement, relations with coworkers, other departments and Guests, technical knowledge, participation in educational clinics and events, PSIA/AASI certification, PROFESSIONALISM and mature judgment.

Special Qualities

The Instructor must exude a passion for snowsports. An appropriately extroverted, charismatic sharer with a high level of enthusiasm and energy. Must be flexible, adaptable and willing to grow. Must enjoy being part of a diverse team of motivated, highly skilled and fun-loving individuals. Must be willing and able to work on holidays and during busy periods if needed.

Types of Positions Available

A variety of positions are available. Ski and Snowboard Instructors for Adults and Children (must be 18), Apprentice Instructor (ski and snowboard, not snowboard only, must be 16). Other positions include Children's Sports Center Room Monitor, Registration Desk, and Reservation Agent. Instructor Positions can be Part-time (weekend, holiday, nights or midweek) or Full-time (any combination of 4-6 days per week). Positions are also available within the Adaptive department.

CONTACT: Winter Sports School