Sat Mar 9 - Sat Mar 9 - 12:00 AM - 4:00 PM

pma-band (fullsize)

PMA started out in Long Beach, California and has been spreading their names across the city. Brandon is on drums, Fred is on Vox and Guitar, and Dana is on bass. Their name P.M.A. has no specified meaning and they let the audience choose their own meaning to it. They are signed with Black Sheep Records LBC. They consider themselves to transcend genres, seeing as how they do not have any specified genre. 

PMA are very underground/garage band sounding, with a hint of funk, and alternative. Each song on their album, self-titled, all sound very similar yet completely unique and different in their own way. Going from “F*ck Police Brutality,” to “Day and Night,” you’d think you were listening to two separate artists. However, their song “All I See (unity),” has a very ska/reggae feel to it and really stands out from the others. Especially “New Style,” in which really shows that the band, though started out a little rough, has a set destination on what their sound is going to be. There are a few mishaps with their music, it’s clear that they are still starting out because they’re all over the place in beat and finding their destination.

Though with time, as well as more writing and improving their techniques they can bring themselves to become a bigger hit in California and slowly make their way across the states. One thing is for sure, they need to come up with an acronym for their name to make them more unique rather than have it as simple letters bundled together.

Main Stage @ Foggy Goggle