Fri Mar 1

dj-drew-dapps (fullsize)

Drew Dapps is a San Diego based DJ, music producer, and influencer known for his electro and house inspired sounds. Drew first gained notoriety as a Hip Hop producer during his upbringing in Las Vegas. But as a San Diego transplant, he found himself building a name in the House scene incorporating his new style into his live performances. An ideal day for Drew includes fresh pow, a cup of chai tea, and snuggles with the cat. Don't miss a beat and follow Drew on social media @drewdapps 

Mountain High’s rocking college party is back! Show your College ID and ride every Friday from 5pm-10pm for just $30. Meet students from all over Southern California and party in the snow.

Have a seat at the fireplace at the Bullwheel Grill, open until 7pm, or play some supersized Jenga at the Foggy Goggle, open until 9pm.

Purchase at any ticket window.