These guidelines are in place to minimize any conflicts between uphill and downhill traffic within Mountain High Resorts' special use permit area and to maximize safety.

Respecting these rules preserves this privilege. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of skiing and or riding privileges within the resort’s special use permit area.

Mountain High will implement a Red light system that will be controlled and monitored by Mountain High Management, Grooming and Patrol Departments. The light will be located on top of the large trail sign at the West Resort, same at the East Resort (no light will be available at the North Resort). When Uphill Travel is deemed acceptable by resort personnel, the light will be off. When uphill travel is deemed unacceptable due to conditions and or the use of equipment or while snowmaking is in progress the light will be on, uphill travel will be prohibited. All uphill users of the resort will travel so at their own risk. 

No light Means Go...Red Light Means No!

Other Considerations/Policies:

  • West Resort designated routes Sunnyside to lower Chisolm to upper Chisolm, as well as Sunnyside to Conquest.
  • East Resort designated route is Goldrush.
  • North Resort designated route is Cascade or Round-A-Bout.
  • Travel only allowed if light is off and during Civil Twilight hours dawn or dusk.
  • Uphill Travelers must use designated routes as specified by the resort
  • Uphill Travelers must remain visible at all times.
  • Uphill Travelers must stay on the side/edge of the trail while moving uphill and must be conscious of hazards as they move downhill.
  • Uphill Travelers must be aware of downhill traffic and avoid blind spots.
  • Uphill Travelers must be aware that the slopes are in use 24 hours a day, and to be on guard for snowmobiles, snowcats/grooming machines and other vehicular traffic operated by Resort.
  • Uphill Travelers must stay away from all snowmaking equipment and may not cross snowmaking lines at any time.
  • All uphill Travelers must have a valid lift ticket or pass to ride up any lifts.
  • Uphill traffic may be restricted without notice due to mountain preparation, mitigation efforts or ski area construction and maintenance activities.
  • As with downhill traffic, uphill traffic must obey all on-mountain signage, including closed runs and rope lines.
  • We strongly recommend using lights and reflective clothing at all times.
  • If weather is not favorable and visibility is in question uphill travel will cease.
  • Uphill traffic will not take place once the resort is open to the public.
  • Expect to encounter machinery, mountain personal, hazards, and other users at any time on the mountain.
  • Uphill Travelers shall yield to all equipment and follow instructions of all Mountain personal.
  • Dogs are permitted only while leashed.
  • You are responsible for your own rescue when using areas of the special use permit areas that are not in operation.
  • Terrain Parks use is strictly prohibited for Uphill Travelers.