Tickets & Passes

Will you require reservations to access the resort this season?

Yes, reservations are required. Tickets are NOT sold at the resort. Save up to 20% with early purchase. Click here to buy now.

How far in advance will day tickets need to be purchased?

Tickets may be purchased the same day if capacities have not been met. However, tickets must still be purchased ONLINE. Tickets are not sold at the resort.

Will I be able to purchase a ticket on the day I want to ski?

If day lift tickets are still available for purchase on the website on the day you want to visit, then yes, you will be permitted to purchase them through that online channel. However, day-of ticket availability online is not a guarantee, and walk-up tickets will not be available to purchase on-site. Purchasing early remains the best bet for availability.

What if I had unused days on my 2019-20 4 Day Powder Pack, 4 Night Powder Pack, or Points lift ticket?

All paid tickets are valid through December 24th, 2020. This includes 4-Day, 4-Night, and other online ticket purchases. It does not include free or trade tickets.

Will Scenic Sky Chair tickets be on sale?

Yes, Scenic Sky Chair, Snowshoeing, and Ice Skating will all be on sale AT THE RESORT once conditions permit. Traditionally these activities open between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

When will lifts tickets be made available online?

Lift tickets are available for purchase now in our Online Store. Click to get started.

Will any advance lift tickets be available to purchase for weekends?

Yes, tickets are available now for the entire season, weekdays, weekends, and holidays.  The earlier your purchase, the better your chance of savings.

Lift Operations & Terrain

When is Opening Day?

Opening Day is based on the weather and traditionally takes place mid-late November. Sign up for the Powder Alert to receive an EMail or Text notifying you of Opening Day. 

Will the Yeti Snow Play be open this season?

Yes, we plan to open all snow play activities including tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, ice skating and scenic sky chair rides with limited capacity and physical distancing in place. Tickets for tubing, ice skating, and scenic sky chair rides can be found here online AND at the resort. Due to our limited capacity, we highly suggest you purchase tickets in advance.

What will access look like early season, if there is not a lot of terrain open?

Tickets will be limited even more than usual until we open more terrain. Click here now to reserve your spot on the hill.

How will you maintain social distancing in chairlift lines?

Luckily, the length of skis and snowboards lend themselves to naturally creating distance between people in chairlift lines, and we know most people now have a pretty good sense of social distance. We will be continuously reminding guests to stay 6 feet apart. You can expect to see changes to lift mazes to help achieve this, like wider lanes and distance markers. Face coverings will also be mandatory in lift lines and while loading, riding, and unloading all lifts.

Will chairlifts be loaded differently? Will I have to ride the chair lift with people I don’t know?

Currently, we are loading 1 guest per chair on all lifts but the High-Speed Quads. There you may ride with 1 other person (on the far side) but you may ask to be seated alone. Generally, we ask that you ride the lifts with those in your group. 

How will Mountain Operations be impacted?

Like most other parts of life, Mountain Operations will face numerous challenges due to COVID-19 modifications. For example, Ski Patrollers getting up the hill to clear the runs and things like this will take longer, across the board. We will do our best to communicate these challenges and their impacts throughout the course of the season, and we’ll continuously learn and improve as we go along. What we can tell you for sure is that we need everyone to be mindful that there is an entirely new set of challenges layered on top of the already formidable challenges presented by this ski area. Please give our team the space they need to get the job done. No one wants to open the mountains for you more than we do.

Visitation Control

How will you determine if the mountain is too crowded?

We will be controlling total visitations through reservations. Tickets are NOT sold at the resort. If you plan on coming on a specific day and it is no longer on our calendar, then we have met our capacity and you must choose a different day.  Parking, weather, amount of open lifts and terrain, number of visitors, and availability of services are also factors we are using to evaluate daily operations. 

Will you turn people away if the mountain gets too crowded?

The only guests you will see are those who have purchased a ticket for that day. Guests without a ticket will not be allowed access and asked to book for another day.

How do you know how many pass holders are going to be present at any one day/time? Will we be turned away ever, as a pass holder?

With data from past years, we can estimate with a high degree of certainty how many pass holders will visit on a given day. We also factor in weather, holidays, etc. We will make every effort to accommodate our pass holders, including the elimination of walk-up ticket sales and tight control of advance purchase tickets.

Face Coverings

Will I be required to wear a face covering indoors at the resort?

Yes, guests are required to wear a face-covering in any indoor facility or enclosed space, including lodges, restaurants, retail stores, and ALL lifts. Face coverings are not required while eating or drinking but should be left on while waiting for food to be served, and should be put back on when finished consuming food and beverages.

Will I be required to wear a face-covering when outdoors at the resort?

All guests are required to wear a face covering outdoors where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed, including in lift lines, on ALL chair lifts, while walking through the Lodge and in other outdoor areas. Guests do not need to wear face coverings while skiing or riding, but we ask that guests always remain conscious of physical distance, no matter what they are doing. 

What if I sincerely don’t believe face coverings are helpful? What should I do?

We are requiring face coverings throughout the resort, as explained above. If you are not actively engaged in the downhill sliding part of skiing or riding, you will likely need to have your face covering on. If you don’t feel that you can deliver on this request, or if it’s just not right for you, or if you think we’re crazy for requiring face coverings – please don’t visit Mountain High while COVID-modified operating rules are in place. We will be happy to welcome you back unmasked when pandemic-related government regulations are removed.

What if I can’t wear a face-covering because of a disability?

We require face coverings be worn on resort property without exception.  While we understand there are those with disability related issues with face coverings, the Americans with Disability Act does not provide a blanket exemption to people with disabilities from complying with legitimate safety requirements that are necessary for safe operations.  We also believe that in most cases, people have already worked out disability related issues with face coverings, given that mask requirements have been broadly in place for months in order to help protect the public health. Disability-related mask issues can frequently be resolved by the use of a clear mask, a face shield or a looser face covering rather than a cloth mask (such as a scarf). These alternatives are considered reasonable accommodations to a face covering requirement and will be permitted for those who suffer from a disability that prevents wearing a standard face covering.

Indoor Facilities & Food Service

Will the lodges be open?

Our lodges will be open for restrooms and retail only. Grab and go food will be available at our main venus plus outside on our East and West deck.

Will dining venues be open?

We plan to operate our Bullwheel Bar and Grill located at our West Resort along with Angeles Crest Café and Grandview Lodge at our East Resort. Current state guidelines permit limited indoor dining but that could change at any time. Expect to see outdoor deck and patio areas used for dining with additional space heaters, umbrellas, etc.. Capacity and operations will comply with applicable current state and local regulations. 

Will bars be open?

Bar operations will be limited and will not look like prior years. We plan to have a full bar menu available to seated diners ordering food at the Foggy Goggle, Bullwheel, and Snowshoe Saloon. Bar capacity and operations will comply with applicable current state and local regulations.

How will restrooms operate?

Capacities will be limited to comply with physical distancing and surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day. Face coverings will be required inside our lodges and restrooms.

What about when the weather is bad? Where can I go indoors?

This season will be more about skiing and riding, less about being in the lodge. Building capacities will be limited per current government regulations. Guests’ personal vehicles will be a good option for breaks throughout the day.


Will overnight RV/camper parking be permitted this season?

We do not permit overnight parking in our lots, and that rule will stay in effect this season. This is done for a variety of reasons, including snow removal issues and adherence to Los Angeles County regulations.

Will you implement a parking reservation system this season?

No, however, our Upper Lot at West and the front part of our East Resort will be paid parking 7-days a week until 3pm.


How will you operate shuttles? How often will they be sanitized?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, shuttles from East to West will not operate this season. We understand that this may cause an inconvenience, but we encourage guests to arrive early to choose which resort they wish to ride that day. Both our East and West Resort offer their own unique runs and we encourage guests to discover new terrain.

Rentals & Demos

How will rentals work this year?

We will be streamlining the rental process to better manage the capacity in our rental shop. Guests will be asked to make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance of the day they want to rent, and they will fill out their rental paperwork online. Guests will select an appointment window at the time of booking, and they will need to arrive at their designated rental shop at their appointment time to redeem their rentals.

When guests enter the shop, they will bypass the rental registration process and proceed straight to the cashier. After collecting any lift tickets or vouchers, they will head straight to the boot counters. Boots will be pre-selected based on the information the guest provided online. The space and limited capacity will allow for guests to maintain social distance. After receiving their boots, they will continue on to pick up their skis or snowboards, which will have already been selected and adjusted specifically for them. After the technician makes sure the bindings are properly set, guests will exit with their equipment.

Do I have to book rentals in advance?

Yes, rentals must be reserved at least 48Hours in advance. Click here to get started.

How will you clean rental equipment?

All rental equipment will be disinfected, including hard and soft surfaces, using electrostatic sanitizing foggers. These foggers use an electromagnetic charge to increase the efficacy of the disinfectant spray by bonding it to the surface with static electricity. When rental equipment is returned, it will be gathered and kept separate from the in-store inventory until it is disinfected.

What will your ski shop and other retail stores be doing to help keep customers safe?

In our resort-owned retail stores, we are either sanitizing, quarantining for 48 hours, or doing both, for all hard goods and soft goods that have been tried on before reintroducing the merchandise back to the sales floor. We are currently not permitting guests to try on headwear, like goggles and helmets. Fitting rooms are open for items that require try-ons. Fitting rooms and other touchpoints around the stores will be frequently disinfected. Guests must wear facial coverings and maintain social distance while in stores. Hand sanitization stations are also available. Our East and West retail shop comply with applicable government regulations on capacity and operating standards.


Ski School & Lessons

Will Ski & Snowboard School lessons be available this season?

Yes. we are offering a reduced selection of adult and children's lessons. We are temporarily eliminating all full-day lessons for both adults and kids. We will only offer half-day lessons, but guests will be free to sign up for both a morning and afternoon session. Lunch will not be included in any Ski & Snowboard School lessons this season. Ski & Snowboard Lessons must be reserved at least 72 hours in advance. See complete product offerings, details and reservation info at our Lessons page.

What about Group Lessons?

Half-day group lessons will be available for ages seven and older, but group sizes will be limited to 4-6.

How will you enforce social distancing and other COVID-19 precautions for lessons?

Instructors and students will be required to wear face coverings at all times. Instructors will have students distance from one another, and will stay distanced where possible as well. Groups will ride the lifts together, but will be spaced apart per the resort’s lift riding policies. Group sizes will be limited to 4-6 adults or children per instructor. This will help maintain social distancing.


Will you be hosting any of the usual events you have?

Nearly every large event has been canceled or heavily modified. We will work within applicable government regulations to determine which events, if any, can go forward. We will update our events calendar as we have events confirmed.


What policies do you have in place for avoiding the spread of COVID-19 in your workforce?

Our COVID-19 work-safe policies are based on the CDC’s recommendations for reducing exposure. Exposure occurs when a person is in the presence of a positive tested COVID-19 person for longer than 15 minutes and within six feet, with or without a mask:

Distance – maintain physical distance of more than six feet when indoors and outdoors.

Duration – keep your indoor interaction with others to less than 15 minutes when less than six feet apart.

Facemask: Wear a facemask at all times unless you are outside and more than six feet apart or working by yourself in an enclosed space.

Disinfection - Wash your hands and sanitize your areas frequently

All employees undergo required training on safe work practices, including our company-specific COVID-19 policies that align with CDC, state and county guidelines. Additionally, department-specific protocols are in place and will continue to be developed as needed.

What if an employee was exposed, is symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19?

Any Mountain High team member who has symptoms, tested positive, and/or was exposed to a COVID-19 positive person must follow California Department of Public Health regulations, which require self-quarantine, testing, and/or monitoring. Employees are permitted to return to work based on guidelines from California Department of Public Health.

What about your employees working in offices and indoors in lodges?

Face coverings are required at all times when indoors except when eating or working alone in an enclosed area. Additionally, we have evaluated indoor workspaces in the resort to determine new reduced capacities, and have reconfigured layouts to allow employees to properly distance in accordance with, and often exceeding state guidelines. Partitions have been installed at ticket windows and other locations where our staff interacts with guests.

What special training are employees getting for COVID-19?

Employees are required to undergo training on best practices to mitigate spread and exposure. This includes what to do if an employee is exposed, requirements for physical distancing and sanitization, and protocols specific to their job.