The virtual simulator is a "sports lab" where your instructor can see exactly what's keeping you from becoming an expert.  And you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing because it's safe and easy to pay close attention while sliding on a simulator.  After breaking some bad habits in a few minutes of repetition on the simulator, you and your instructor will take your new technique to the slopes.

(Lessons may be 100% on simulator, on snow, or divided between the two.)

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Private Lessons (all ages & abilities)

Private LessonsPriceAdd-on Per Person
One (1) Hour $199 $50
Two (2) Consecutive Hours $299 $50
Three (3) Consecutive Hours $375 $50
Four (4) NON-CONSECUTIVE Hours. Call (760) 316-7863 to verify availability & book.  $699 N/A

Virtual Packages Cost
4Pack $687
8pack $1,298
12pack $1,834

If you wish to come multiple times for 1hr lessons you may purchase any one of the virtual packages and book your appointments accordingly. CANNOT BE COMBINED. If you try to book more than one hour at a time the second hour will not be honored. (You may pay for additional consecutive hours at the time of your appointment upon availability of instructors at that time.) This can be for on-simulator or on-hill instruction. All (on-hill) instruction requires a lift ticket and rentals or your own equipment. All (on-simulator only) instruction only requires the lesson, no lift ticket or rentals required. We provide the equipment while on the simulator.

Anton Ski Lessons PriceAdd-on Per Person
One Hour $191 $48
Two Consecutive Hours $359 $54
Three Consecutive Hours $467 $60

Lesson and demo price may be applied to the purchase of Anton skis. Ask your Anton retailer if they honor this offer.

  • Private lessons DO NOT include lift ticket or rentals.
  • Lessons begin on time and are based on instructor availability.

Please note that all reservations must be paid for to be booked. For Virtual Snow private lessons ONLY call (760) 217-3913 or email us here. For all other Mountain High questions call (888) 754-7878.