Hatred and injustice are tearing our country apart. The nation is feeling the pains of hundreds of years of racism and discrimination. Some of our communities are enduring high levels of trauma & suffering, and progress hasn’t nearly been fast enough. We need to unify and become a safer, more inclusive society that respects and protects all people regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or any other identity.

At Mountain High, we create experiences that break down barriers and bring people together. Our mission is to introduce, educate, and inspire guests to participate in a lifetime of winter sports. We’ve been practicing inclusion since Day 1 (more than 20 years) and we are known throughout the ski industry for our ethnically diverse clientele. Minorities make up more than 50% of our guests and we actively strive to include different races and genders in our management roles. 

Mountain High stands in solidarity with the Black community. More importantly, we’re committed to maintaining this culture of inclusion now and forever.

For some of you, Mountain High is a fun, weekend-experience you’ve visited once or twice but for many, Mountain High is a way of life...a community of mountain-lovers and snow-seekers with its own set of values. As stewards of these experiences and the National Forest, we have an obligation to create and maintain safe spaces for those who trust in us...safe spaces to participate in activities that, by their very nature, make you vulnerable and safe digital spaces to engage with others, consume content, and share your love for the resort.

We hope you’ll join us this season as we welcome Black skies & snowboarders to our slopes along with all those who have a passion for winter sports.

John McColly
VP Of Sales & Marketing

#mthigh #blacklivesmatter


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