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Trail Map

Trail report

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Lift Report

West Resort
AccessesLift NameStatus
    Blue Ridge ExpressClosed
 Moving Carpet West LongClosed
 Moving Carpet West ShortClosed
East Resort
AccessesLift NameStatus
 Easy RiderClosed
 Moving Carpet EastClosed
    Mtn High ExpressClosed
North Resort
AccessesLift NameStatus
  Sunrise QuadClosed

Trail Report

West Trail
TerrainTrail NameStatusGroomedSnowmaking
 Burn OutClosed
 Catch Ya LaterClosed
 Crest TrailClosed
 Drop InClosed
 Easy StreetClosed
 Hot ShotClosed
 Inferno RidgeClosed
  Lower ChisolmClosed
 The PocketClosed
  The WedgeClosed
  Upper ChisolmClosed
East Trail
TerrainTrail NameStatusGroomedSnowmaking
 Colt 45Closed
 Cut OffClosed
 First TracksClosed
 Olympic BowlClosed
 Route 66Closed
North Trail
TerrainTrail NameStatusGroomedSnowmaking
 Diamond BackClosed
 Howard's RunClosed
 Show OffClosed
 Ski More HighwayClosed
 Wag's WoeClosed