Express Pass

Change the way you buy lift tickets with the Express Pass reusuable ticket.  Activate it online and never wait in a ticket line again.  Save $10 every purchase, non-holiday, and go green by helping us remove hundreds of thousands of lift tickets every season.  When you are done, log onto your computer and track your days ridden, vertical feet, runs per day, and more.

Benefits include:

-SAVE $10 on 8-Hour, 4-Hour, & Night Tickets, non-holiday.*
-TRACK your days ridden, total runs, vertical feet, and more.
-ACTIVATE online and never wait in a ticket line again.
-GUARANTEE your reservation in case of a sellout.
-GO GREEN by reducing the waste from millions of discarded lift tickets each season.

Purchase an Express Pass today at any ticket window for just $5 and start saving.  *Holidays: December 20-31, 2014. January 1-4, 17-19, February 16-18, 2015.

Don't Have An Express Pass.  Pick one up for just $5 At Any Ticket Window.

Available to Season Pass Holders as well.