Mountain High Testimonials

"I have been skiing Mountain High since 1983. I taught both my girls how to ski at Mountain high and my younger daughter Teresa just learned how to snowboad two years ago at Mountain High of course, and she rides the double black diamonds with me. I would drop my girls off at school, go to Mountain High ski 25 runs, then back to pick them up on time. Mountain High has great coverage because of their snow making machines. I love that Mountain High is only an hour away, gorgeous blue sky and crisp pine mountain air. See you on the slopes!!!"  
Kathleen Fritz, Santa Clarita,
Always Snow Always Friendly Always Challenging Always Beautiful
Bob Thompson, Vista,
I travelled from Florida to California on vacation at the beginning of the month. One of my stops was Mountain High and I loved it. I've been snowboarding for a few years now and Mountain High was one of the better resorts I've been too. Overall Mountain High was great and I'd definitely return in the future. 
Marcos Guadalupe, Florida,
I go to Mountain High every year! I've always felt welcome there, it has become my favorite resort!
John Harrison, Menefee,
At 42 years of age, I've been skiing Mt. High since the early 80's with my dad, taught my 10 year old to ski there at age 5 and now have my 2year old with up on ski's at this family resort. It's close to home, love the staff always a great time and clearly return year after year. 
Michelle Rodriguez, Pasadena,
Mountain High is doing a fabulous job keeping the mountain fun, safe, and very skiable this year! We had a good time and the snow was good. Come on up!
Leslie Lowes, Altadena,
An hour from my door to the snow! I only pay for the runs I choose to ski with the Mountain High point system. You simply cannot have more fun in potentially perfect weather for lower cost with fabulous runs for all skill levels. I love Mountain High and will only visit other areas if they are closed.
Joel Bauer, Chatsworth,
I have been skiing here for years! An awesome place for the family, as well as that hot dogger mountain skiing, all without mountain driving! Mountain High's close to it all. Thanks!
Jean, Baldwin Park,
I learned how to snowboard at Mt. High and have been coming ever since! It turned into an addiction and a passion of mine. They offer the best lessons around and are the best mountain for the best prices! Its a great place to chill (no pun intended) and have fun! I come here every year and I am never disappointed.   
Jamie Lewis, Murrietta,
I love this place, it's so close and convenient. No mountain driving either! I Can't wait to start skiing every year!
Russ, Rancho Cucamonga,