Mountain High Testimonials

Lost my I-phone at Mt. High - it was turned in to lost and found, and i got it back. Two days later i lost it again. Called it and a nother skier had found it and returned it when we met at the lift. I was happy that the people at Mt High are honest and return lost phones. :)
Doug, Oak Hills,
Both of my children grew up and learned to snowboard at Mountain High. We have always taken advantage of your unique points pass every year for over 10 years now. The older they get the more fun they get to have. We don't snowboard anywhere else. MtHigh is our family get away. My wife, who doesn't ride loves the fire pit and a good book. Sooo many happy family memories and a very short drive. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! We can't wait to see you again over the holidays.
Kenneth, Corona,
Thank You Mountain High Employees! The Mountain High team collected recyclables, redeemed them for cash, and purchased toys for the needy. those less fortunate served in the tri-communites are blessed by such great acts of kindness and support! Thank You Mountain High for your community support! -Greg
Greg, The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul,
Everytime i go to your resort i get a warm fuzzy feeling... :) before i even get to the mountain, butterflies start flying around in my stomachache with excitment. Snowboarding is a passion of mine and would love to be an instructor.
Raymond, Ontario,
I have been coming to Wrightwood since 1958 and skiing here since 1972. Love it so much i moved here. Looking forward to a good winter and lots of turns.
Alan, Wrightwood,
I have been skiing since the age of 4. I started skiing in Wrightwood at the time there were 3 resorts , and I 15freeway didn't exist up pass but but ski resorts did. Table Mt, Blue Ridge, and Holliday Hill. I started Started skiing at Table Mt, (whole family cost $20 to ski kids free) which became Ski Sunrise and then part of Mt.High family. Mt.High I did also ski Holliday Hill but only to ski race against their ski race team at that time before snowboarding Wrightwood had 3 ski race teams. I started ski racing for Table Mt at 11 but eventually ended up at age 13? skiing and training for Mt.High because they were the pioneers locally of snowmaking and night skiing and living only 60 miles away it was close enough and a breeze to get to.( less than hour )  Skiing virtually any and every day they were open.(1 year over 150 in 12 months felt funny not to be in ski boots lol ) under the lights in a snow storm, raining we were there, or on the road chasing gates throughout State and country showing other ski towns &  ski racers that So Cal ski resorts was capable of producing class act ski racers. What a kick in the #!+ growing up living MtHigh.You cant beat the ease of getting here. In my crazy days and when traffic didn't exist, none what happened?  60 miles (35 min) never going to happen again. 80( now all these years later I have skied for and coached at every mt but I have always considered Mt.High my Home and my kids also do. Passes,? Of course, you cant beat the price or attitude anywhere elese. If we can just have mother nature help out a little this year my ski racjs arevon and ready to fly up from West Covina daily. Because Nothing Beats sliding down snow, natural or man-made at Mt.High. please out do Big Bear in the snow making dept. this year, first? to ski  definitely last to ski/snowboard.  Closest ski area to LA. Kicks 80) It is written, Mt.High such a big part of my life and also my kids life. Please pray for snow, or just make it any chance you get. 80) I feel the need, the need to ski. & snowboard. At Mt.High of course. 8o) Till the day I die it will be,  Mt.High, truly HOME  
Chris, West Covina,
My friend took me to Mt. High on "bring a friend free" day about two years ago. That day, I learned how to snowboard and fell in love. I purchased my season pass on the spot, and within a week had my own full setup. I have been snowboarding ever since and I love it immensely.
Suzanne Marino, Canyon Country,
Although I am more than 4 times older than most of your clientele; your staff and customers are friendly and always make me feel welcome and a part of the exciting whole; for each of my 20 long runs a day. Mountain High inspires me! 
Robert Thompson, Vista,
Everytime my family plans a winter snowboarding trip we always put MTNHIGH on the 1st Priority stop before all the other resorts. We always have a blast rippin up the snow.
Jaron Lee, San Gabriel,
Back in 1971 I had my first experience at the great sport of skiing. My first time was a saturday and I went to Snow Valley. That day I was talking to some other skiers and they told me about a little place called "Blue Ridge" in the Wrightwood area. It was less crowded and super easy to drive to. The next day i tried 'Blue Ridge". I loved the easy drive. Just around the corner was a little place called "Table Mtn/Ski Sunrise". Their was no comparison. I was so happy when "mtn High" east was bought. The terrain was awesome and this relieved the weekend traffic from the west side. I have been skiing here (and occasionally the sierra)ever since! Now in my 60's, I don't venture off and ski  the advanced. Staying on the Intermediate runs seems the logical thing to do now. Keep up the good work and see ya when the snow flies!
Dave O'Connor, Rialto, CA,