Mountain High Testimonials

Yesterday (Feb 8) was my 5-year old son's first day skiing, and it was such a special day for him.  I heard it took a lot of work during the night for you to get enough snow to the bottom so that the kids could have lessons, and then due to the heat much of it melted by the end of the day, but I want your staff all to know what a difference all the work of moving snow, as well as the great work of the instructors, has made in one kid's life. Also, a couple of years ago I got to visit Europe and ski there, and I found that the Europeans all loved to hear about this wonderful place where you can ski down a mountain while viewing the desert thousands of feet below.  Needless to say, they have nothing like that in Europe.  It made me realize what a wonderful skiing place Mt High is, right in our own backyard!
Peter, Ventura,
Edward, Chino Hills,
Being relatively new to snowboarding, Mountain High has been great for my fiance and I this winter! Not only is it close to where we live, but it is pretty dang affordable. Specifically, I would like to give a huge thanks to ticket manager Tracy. I was there last week and had some trouble with rented equipment. I ended up speaking with Tracy and she handled our issue like a true professional. Tracy, you are awesome and thank you for making our experience worthy of raving to our friends about! Cheers to you! Also, I took a lesson on my first day on the mountain and my instructor Nord was able to give me all the knowledge I needed in only one hour. His coaching made it possible for me to keep up with my friends and fiance for the rest of the trip, and now she can't even keep up with me! Thanks a ton Nord!! This is a great place all around, for beginners and the seasoned rider. **One word of advice though: if you are renting any type of equipment, make sure you get the $3 insurance (even if they don't offer it). It will save you the headache. Thanks to everyone at Mt High, you will definitely be seeing us again!!!
Sam, Santa Barbara,
I just want to say ur 2 anotion's who teach classes r absolutely awesome...they gave my son such a  great experience that he one day wants to teach people...my son caught on very quick & i couldnt get him off the lifts for 4 days in a row til 830 at night...i myself had a great experience due to the guys's patience & ability to show someone at my age 41 to get the hang of things...also nord was awesome too...tony taught the 1st antonio taught the 2nd & nord taught the 3rd & im so glad we had them...thank you guys, even took the time thru the class to take a video of me & my son coming down at the same time that let me tellu the memories will last a life time..me & my son snowboarding the first time ever...in fact we had such a blast we r coming back up feb. 15th thru the 18th...& bringing others with us to have the same experience
Carolyn, Hemet,
I want to thank Bob and Jake with adaptive ski team. My daughter who is 5 suffered a massive stroke after heart surgery 2 years ago which left her with weakness on her left side. 2 years ago she was learning to walk again and now she is skiing! Jake had so much patience and my daughter loved learning from him. I want to thank Mt.High for having such a wonderful program. My daughter cant wait to go back.
Ellisa, West Covina,
I was injured will serving in Iraq in 2005. Sustained a traumatic brain injury, but never forgot how to board. Mt.Hig was my first time back on the snow. Had a black, Love It, Love Mt.High Ski Resort.
Jarod, Behee,
"Love Mt. High, great snow, Awesome ramps, been up twice this winter and have loved both experiences. Great for all ages, took both of my daughters up there and they had a blast. Bunny hills to the black diamond ramps this place has it all."
Robert, Chino,
Lost my I-phone at Mt. High - it was turned in to lost and found, and i got it back. Two days later i lost it again. Called it and a nother skier had found it and returned it when we met at the lift. I was happy that the people at Mt High are honest and return lost phones. :)
Doug, Oak Hills,
Both of my children grew up and learned to snowboard at Mountain High. We have always taken advantage of your unique points pass every year for over 10 years now. The older they get the more fun they get to have. We don't snowboard anywhere else. MtHigh is our family get away. My wife, who doesn't ride loves the fire pit and a good book. Sooo many happy family memories and a very short drive. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! We can't wait to see you again over the holidays.
Kenneth, Corona,
Thank You Mountain High Employees! The Mountain High team collected recyclables, redeemed them for cash, and purchased toys for the needy. those less fortunate served in the tri-communites are blessed by such great acts of kindness and support! Thank You Mountain High for your community support! -Greg
Greg, The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul,