(Lessons may be 100% on simulator, on snow, or divided between the two.)

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BEGINNERS - We Can Help Anyone Of Any Age!

Your 1-year-old can learn to ski.
Your 2-year-old can learn to snowboard.
Anyone who wants to learn, can with our help.
Use half of your 1-hour lesson on the simulator to learn to:
*Standing without falling

Video As Seen on TV


The virtual simulator is a "sports lab" where your instructor can see exactly what's keeping you from becoming an expert.  And you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing because it's safe and easy to pay close attention while sliding on a simulator.  After breaking some bad habits in a few minutes of repetition on the simulator, you and your instructor will take your new technique to the slopes.


Snow conditions make or break most skiers and snowboarders however world-class snow sliders look beautiful in all conditions.  Virtual Snow co-founder Bob Salerno was already a world champion when he first trained on a virtual simulator and says;  "The simulator made me twice the skier.  The lubricated carpet is tougher than skiing through chopped up crud.  If you can master our most complex moves here it's all yours for the taking out on the white stuff.  

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