Load your reusable Quick E-Ticket online with any 4-Hour, 8-Hour, or Night ticket and never wait in a ticket line again.  Save up to 50% non-holiday and help us go green by removing thousands of lift tickets every season.  Don't have a Quick E-Ticket? Get one today for just $5 at any ticket window OR during your first online purchase.  You must have a Quick E-Ticket to purchase tickets online.

Benefits include:

  • SAVE UP TO 50% on 8-Hour, 4-Hour, & Night Tickets, non-holiday.*
  • ACTIVATE online and never wait in a ticket line again.
  • GUARANTEE your reservation in case of a sellout.
  • GO GREEN by reducing the waste from thousands of discarded lift tickets each season.

*Discount not valid on the following holiday dates: December 23-31, 2017.  January 1-7, 13-15, February 17-19, 2018.

New Quick E-Ticket pricing is announced every Friday so check back each week for the lowest rates.

Click Here To Activate Your Quick E-Ticket And Save

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