It was 31 degrees this morning so we decided to take our new snowmaking system for a spin. All systems go! We made snow from the base of West all the way up to Lower Chisolm, putting down several inches before temperatures warmed up. 

Mountain High has one of the largest snowmaking systems in the country. This year we invested more than $500,000 making our system the strongest and most efficient it has ever been. Through a combination of 70 new Technoalpin “Low Energy” Stick Guns, 30 Ratnik “Mid-Energy” Snowguns (primarily for the upper mountain), and 7 Technoalpin and SMI Fan Guns, the resort can make more snow than ever before. In the process, we'll be consuming 16K fewer gallons of diesel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% each season.


Says Mike Childress, Snow Operations Manager, “We expect to use 100 fewer gallons of diesel fuel per hour ostensibly cutting its carbon footprint in half.”


The mountain’s increased snow production means earlier openings, longer seasons, better snow, and a deeper base. These new guns are dramatically quieter as well, making for a more enjoyable guest experience while snowmaking is underway.


Opening day is just over a month away so get your season pass now before the price goes up Nov 1st. Click here for details. 


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