North Pole Tubing Park

The North Pole Tubing Park - Southern California's Closest Tubing. 

Currently closed.  Not reopening this season.


The North Pole Tubing Park is the largest facility for snow tubing in Southern California with up to ten lanes when fully open, two moving carpets and custom tubes. For the best snow tubing in California come up to the Mountain High tubing park!

Traditional Operating Hours
9:00am to 4:30pm Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays through mid March.


The North Pole Tubing Park is located at the North Resort, which is directly across Hwy 2 from West. Make a right at the entrance road off Hwy 2 and continue one mile up the road.  For general directions to Mountain High, please click here.


Liability Release
Click here to download the (one form must be filled out per personNorth Pole Tubing Park liability release.


Tubing Tickets (all ages)

2-Hour: $20
Full Day: $35

36-42 Inches w/ paying adult: $15
Season Pass: $99

-Tubes are included in the ticket price.

-Children 36 to 42 inches must accompany a parent in a separate tube.

-Children under 36 inches tall are not permitted for safety reasons.


What to Expect (Temperatures, Weather, Etc.)

Temperatures in the mountains average 20 to 30 degrees colder than the cities, but staying warm is easy. The best choice is water-resistant, layered clothing that can be added or removed as the weather changes. It is always best to be prepared as conditions can and do change rapidly at high elevations. If your clothes are not water resistant, a water repellent spray can be applied. With your equipment, be sure to include warm gloves and a hat or beanie. Remember, the majority of your body's heat is lost through your head. A simple beanie can do wonders to keep you warm, especially during a storm or periods of snowmaking. Ultraviolet rays are more powerful at high elevations as well. Regardless of skin color or complexion, everyone needs to wear protective sunscreen and UV-certified sunglasses even on overcast days since ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cloud cover. Should you forget any of these important items, the Mountain High Sport Shops, located at both resorts and in the town of Wrightwood, carry the latest in clothing and equipment for winter enthusiasts.

Mountain High provides the most accurate and up-to-date snow reports in the region. We offer Real Time Cameras, daily pictures and weekly videos to give you the broadest view of the conditions. It is important to check the Mountain High Snow Report before traveling to the resort, because the weather may be completely different from that it is at home. Santa Ana winds, for instance, blow warm in the valleys but cold and dry in mountains causing temperature differences of up to 50 degrees. Your view from home is also of the southern or sunny side of the mountain where snow rarely lasts. Mountain High is located on the north side where powder stays for long periods of time making the snow report even more important. To keep you abreast of the conditions, Mountain High also offers the Powder Alert, a free email service that details upcoming storms, recent snowfalls, special events, ticket deals and much, much more.

Traveling to the resort is quick and safe, but snowy conditions do occur so we always recommend carrying chains whenever traveling in the winter mountains. For your convenience, road conditions are updated daily on the website.