Roots Rhythm and Rails

January 12, 2014 at 7:30 AM to January 12, 2014 at 3:30 PM
West Resort

Roots Rhythm and Rails makes it's return to Mountain High this season. This year the event has been elevated to a Pro/Am series with over $2,000 in cash and prizes. Roots Rhythm and Rails emphasizes the rider's overall run, flow and style. The event takes place in the Playground and has features set up in a rhythm type layout where competitors have to flow perfectly through the course hitting one unique feature after another for their over all score. Come out for cash, prizes and an awesome good time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


The first of three Roots, Rhythm, and Rails event took place yesterday in The Playground. Both snowboarders and skiers came out to throw down for over $2,000 in cash and prizes. The course consisted of 5 scoring features with the overall impression counting for the score for each competior. All division had battles going on for the top spots. In the end Buzz Holbrock would take the win for the men's snowboard division, while Melissa Evans took honors for the women's snowboard division. Mathew Keller took him 1st for the skiers. Check back soon for a video edit of the event as well as final standings


Mens Open:

1st - Buzz Holbrook
2nd -  Mike Gray
3rd - Zach Foster
4- Brandon Schroder
5- Tommy Bacon
6- Nick Strother
7- Nick Guin
8- Levi Kaselott
9- Dillion McDaniels
10- Nick Sibayan
11- Trever Haas
12- Zack Wallin
13- Shea Lewis
14- Victor Medeiros
15- Colby Lazette
16- Dillon Tillie
17- Brian Nieto
18- Frankie Culhno
19- Keyser Murphy
20- John Bullard
21- Dusty Henrickson
22- Garret Hutchison
23- Daniel Pickett
24- Blake Machus
25- Dillon Hendrickson
26- Keith O’Leary
27- Daegan Lutz
28- Rothy Britt



1st - Melissa Evans
2nd - Katie Strong
3rd - Hanna Keller


1st - Matthew Keller
2nd - Nate Strother
3rd - Alex Galuchle


Click Here To See Photos From the Event