Active Sponsor Me Event

March 10, 2012 at 7:30 AM to March 10, 2012 at 3:30 PM

The 11th annual “Sponsor Me” Contest

Saturday, March 10th 2012

Presented by Active Ride Shop, Rome SDS, Spy, 32 boots, Analog, Mountain High, Monster, and Vestal.  Additional support from Neff Headwear, and Skull Candy.

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The Sponsor Me contest is a contest for the up and coming rider looking for an arena to showcase his or her talents.  Those who think they are showing up to your average rail jam are in for a surprise.  The format, judging, and prize are the same; it is the course that has changed.  There are three Divisions to this event:  Sponsor Me (winner gets a rep rider sponsorship from the headlining sponsors), Women’s (prize packages), Groms (14 and under).  The sponsor me division will have a finals for the top 10 riders to find the overall winner.  Awards will immediately follow the event in the Playground area at Mountain High.

The terrain features will be constructed by the elite Mountain High terrain park staff.  There will be 5 features that are set up to help promote creativity in the rider.

Judging will be headed up by the key industry people who have their eyes on the industry searching for some new talent.  Brent Futagaki will be the head judge, and has amassed a panel of experts.  There will be a minimum of one judge per feature.  Judges will focus on skill, creativity, difficulty, and overall impression.  Competitors will session each obstacle for 15 minutes then rotate to the next obstacle.  There will be rest areas between each feature to allow competitors to watch the competition, drink some water and rest up.

Liability Form Downloads  

(Download these liability forms and have them Notarized with a parent's signature if you are under 18 and they can not be with you at registration)
1) Mountain High Liability Form
2) ACTIVE Snowboarding Waiver


Where:  Mountain High
When: March 10th registration begins at 7:30 (ends at 9:30) Contest starts at 10
Practice:  8:15-9:45
Helmets are required
Under 18 will need a parent present to sign the release forms


Event Fee $10
Event Ticket $25
Total Max Fee for event $35*
Space is limited to be sure to get there early, there are only 96 sponsor me spots, 12 women and 12 grom (0-14) slots open immediately
Only the Sponsor Me division is eligible for the Sponsorship Prize.
Only Open to NON sponsored riders.