15th Annual Active Sponsor Me Contest

March 17, 2013 at 7:30 AM to March 17, 2013 at 3:30 PM
Mountain High West


No points, no places, this contest is about hooking kids up! This year will be no different. To make this year’s event better than ever we are changing the format. The new format will allow the brand representative from each company to select their own individual rider they want to represent their brand for the next year.

Format Details: 2 Rounds (Qualifiers & Finals) No rotating, no heats, no judging sheets!

Qualifier Round: 40 Minute heat free for all. Each judge/brand will get a limited amount of tees/bandanas to give out during the heat. When one is given to a rider, he/she qualifies for finals. Judges can give a shirt whomever they wish. It is all impression based. After qualifiers we will take a short break to rake the course rest etc.

Finals Round: Judges will just make notes. Each brand will be responsible for “sponsoring” a rider in the finals. It can be whomever the Brand rep is stoked on the most. This will allow for more kids to be stoked and brands can hook up kids that they align with. Also some brands may also provide prizes for best trick or hardest charger etc.

Awards: After finals, judges review their picks and we make a list of the kids we will stoked out. Call the kids on stage and hook them up!