Burton Youth LTR

Learn to Snowboard As Early As 4 Years Old

New this season, Mountain High is proud to offer Burton Learn to Ride equipment for kids ages 4 to 12.  Burton's LTR Program focuses on manageable groups in an environment best suited to the task at hand … learning to ride.  Using state-of-the-art equipment and our youth-oriented instructors, we make it cool to be in school and break the process down one step at a time. 

LTR equipment is designed to flex a little easier, slide a little smoother and generally give you the best chance of linking turns as soon as possible.  Soft-flex boards with catch-free edges make the boards easy to control, and Velcro boots & bindings are something even a small mitt-covered hand can manage. Throw a Riglet towing accessory on the smallest boards and no child is left behind.  Interactive stations allow kids to maneuver over, under, around, and through sculpted terrain and features.  Balance, weight transfer, edging, and freestyle are learned through fun and play.  For more info, head to burton.com.

Lessons begin at age 4 and include individual attention and feedback with small class sizes in a safe and friendly environment.  By integrating play into snowboarding and using an interactive environment, kids have more fun and get better results. 

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More About Burton Snowboards

In 1998 Burton became the only snowboard company in the industry to focus on instruction methods and beginner-specific equipment. Now Burton offers a full range of ‘Learn To Ride’ programs and products that include over 185 Learn To Ride Centers at resorts worldwide, dozens of Riglet Parks, and a full range of boards, boots and bindings – all designed to make learning as fun and easy as possible.  For more info, head to www.burton.com