Age: 23

Where you live: West Seattle

Where you from: Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Where your going: I'm going to Mountain High, my dudes!

Season Plans: Shred the great northwest pow, fly to SoCal to ride Mountain High, film and photo with think thank, be zany!

Stoke: www.zanyearth.com

Heros: my parents and my family

Tunes: rem "stand", the proclaimers "500 miles", led zeppelin "tangerine", david bowie "rebel rebel", the grateful dead "eyes of the world"

Thanks: All of my fans, people that support me, filmers, photogs, sponsors, my family, my dad, all of my friends, and you.

Sponsors: Mountain High Resort, Zion Snowboards, Switchback bindings, Zany Earth, Sugapoint, Coal, Wend, 7-9-13